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8 months ago
He pumped it up to look like that. None of rhese other comments even make sense.
LOL these comments… SMH 7 months ago
Do you guys realise that this pussy is pumped? It just means it was suctioned to get this effect. This pussy is not in danger, nor is it being bashed up.
This video is so fucking hot I orgasmed three times watching this.
6 months ago
Omg the way he’s just slurping that pussy up
Whatthewhat 7 months ago
What happened to make people even think of this?! Like when did someone decide to pump up a pussy? How did that even start? lol
8 months ago
Incredible! these people know how to fuck! Love it
Bruh 7 months ago
Why am I so mad this isn’t me rn I need this man in my life
Boom 8 months ago
I would love to be your husband I’ll give you all this nut
7 months ago
If that’s yo sis why you inner
Anonymous 6 months ago
I adore pumping every cunt I love right up. It’s so much better when that phat pussy is swollen kissing on my cock extra.
Anton 7 months ago
Awesome they sell the product and also do a demo!